Photography by Julielle

Preparing for my Photo Shoot

What do I wear for my photo shoot?

First you need to decide if you are going casual, dressy or formal and make sure everyone in your group is on the same page. Wear clothing that flatters your body type, fits correctly, and doesn't date you. Let the photographs show your style, not your outfit.

For a casual shoot, you should wear simple clothing like jeans, plain solid tops, preferably something with at least 3/4 length sleeves. Bare arms will draw attention and may make them appear larger than they actually are.

Solid, muted tones are preferred over patterns. Those busy designs tend to distract. Also, try to stay away from logo shirts.

Choose 1-3 colors with similar tones for your group portrait. For example, dark jewel tones like navy blue, forest green, and burgundy.  Or, you can try all lighter, softer tones for another look.

Everyone wearing off white shirts and denim jeans is a great style too.  Or in contrast, try all black for your group photo.

Bring several outfits for a variety of looks and styles.

Make sure your clothing and shoes are clean. Also make sure your shoes don't clash with your outfit.

Pay attention to the details.

Don't forget your hands. Use lotion so they don't look dry and chapped. And please, make sure there is no dirt under your fingernails or your nail polish isn't chipped.

What type of jewelry should I wear for my photo shoot?

Keep it simple. You don't want to draw too much attention away from your face.

How should I style my hair for my photo shoot?

As with everything else, keep it simple. A cleaned up version of your everyday hairdo is perfect. Unless you are going for an artistic look, or a modeling portfolio, your portrait should represent who you are so you can look back later and bring back memories of a time past.

Very important: DO NOT GET A HAIRCUT THE DAY BEFORE OR THE DAY OF YOUR PHOTO SHOOT! Sometimes haircuts don't turn out as expected. You want to look and feel your best for your shoot and fresh haircuts rarely look their best until you have had a chance to "master the style".

How should I wear my makeup for my photo shoot?

Men have it easy... Throw on a little moisturizer, if needed, and you are good to go. If you tend to redden after shaving I might suggest a little tinted moisturizer or even a finishing powder to smooth out the tone.

Women need a little more preparation.

If you wax your face or eyebrows, do it at least 48 hours before your photo shoot so the redness and swelling will have a chance to subside in time.

Use matte colors - Matte makeup won't reflect light, making it easy to apply and easy to photograph. I suggest using a finishing powder or setting powder to reduce shine. Bring it with you, especially on a warm day for mini touch ups during your photo shoot.

Apply your makeup in natural light - Sit near a window or in a room with a lot of natural light.  This will give you the best idea of what your makeup really looks like, and how it will look in the pictures.  

Eyes - Eyes are one of the most important features in portraiture. They are often called "the windows to your soul" and can make the connection between the photograph and the viewer. Wear mascara and line your eyes to bring them out. Don't go overboard though. We are not shooting Cleopatra (unless that is your usual style.)

Eyebrows - Pluck the stray hairs. Lightly pencil your brows even if you don't normally.  This will compliment your eyes and make for a more polished and manicured look. Penciling especially goes for blonde eyebrows, which tend to disappear in photographs.

Can I bring props to my photo shoot?

YES, YES, YES!!! Your portraits are a mirror of your personality and personal style. Props can only add to that feel. Bring a guitar if you play... or a saddle with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat if that is you... Sports equipment, a saxophone, ice skates, roller blades or a tennis racket. I've even had customers bring their African drums to a shoot. Whatever expresses who you are.

It's my job to capture you and your personality "in the moment". You will do great. Just relax and go with the flow. Have fun, be playful and let's capture those moments in time.